Automating IR Devices With Homebridge

Why? Because it’s cool to come home from work and have your TV and other favorite IR controlled hardware power on. Automatically turn the tower fan on when it gets over 75º in the bedroom after sunset. “Hey Siri, it’s movie time”; mute the TV, turn on the surround sound, and dim the lights. Trigger a music playlist to run on your sound system via AppleScript when you arrive home at the end of the day, every Friday obviously. Maybe I’ll explore that last one later.

Previously, Apple required all HomeKit products to use their certified chips for security purposes. On June 5th, 2017, Apple announced they were replacing this policy with the ability to authorize new HomeKit devices via software. This guide may be completely obsolete in the future if companies such as Broadlink are allowed to provide firmware updates that take advantage of the software authorization process. Until then, I’m hoping this guide can come of use to someone.
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Pure Analog

VHS Glitch

Some raw stills from an upcoming music video where I helped with the creative direction. We shot these on VHS recorders, then I glitched the tapes while recording the results live to a computer via an RCA to USB capture tool.


An Introduction

For those who have somehow managed to keep up on some of my work over the years— thank you. For those who are new to my work—I hope you find something you like and continue to visit.

Where have I been?

When the release of Anomie1 (you’ll have to google it if you’re unfamiliar), issue eight was stalled several times, things began to go downhill and Anomie1 slowly died. The issue failed to launch due to revenue restrictions–print costs were just too high, despite having a decent amount of pledged ad funding. The official site was soon no more, and so were the site’s blogs–including mine. There were talks of reviving it but to be honest, everyone just had their our own lives to deal with, and that was end of it.

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