An Introduction

For those who have somehow managed to keep up on some of my work over the years— thank you. For those who are new to my work—I hope you find something you like and continue to visit.

Where have I been?

When the release of Anomie1 (you’ll have to google it if you’re unfamiliar), issue eight was stalled several times, things began to go downhill and Anomie1 slowly died. The issue failed to launch due to revenue restrictions–print costs were just too high, despite having a decent amount of pledged ad funding. The official site was soon no more, and so were the site’s blogs–including mine. There were talks of reviving it but to be honest, everyone just had their our own lives to deal with, and that was end of it.

For the last six years, I’ve been employed as a Webmaster at an NPO. Yep, Webmaster, as in a professional hat-wearer. My responsibilities range from so many different things, that sometimes it’s hard to focus on just a couple skill-sets. Out of everything I do for my employer, I’m most passionate about the front-end development, and digital strategies ranging anywhere from association management tools to customer conversion methods. So for the sake of simplicity, let’s just say I’m a Webmaster, focusing on the front-end.

I’ve worked on projects here and there over the last six years, but I haven’t written about any or even bothered rebuilding my portfolio over those years. I’m hoping I can get back to doing so starting with this post.

What to expect

There are several purposes of this blog, the most important of which, is motivating myself to remain active, and learn more by documenting various projects, thoughts, and experiences. At the moment, I’m unsure if I should keep things limited to creative projects, or write about work-related stuff as well. I guess we’ll see.

If you’ve managed to read this far, I’ve hopefully piqued your interest.



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